Can you help?


Your support of £20 a month gives a child enough to eat, a safe place to live and an education, allowing them to grow and flourish in a safe environment and providing them with hope for the future. Eight boys and girls entered the CSO Home in 2015 and all have sponsors except Joseph and Kalyan, two of our youngest boys. They would love your support. Could you be their sponsor?


Read their stories…..




Kalyan 2


Kalyan’s father died when he was 2 months old and his mother suffered a head injury and lost her memory in an accident. Her parents take care of her and the two children. Kalyan’s grandfather is over 70 and works as a rickshaw driver but struggles to earn enough to feed 5 people. As Kalyan was keen to learn, they requested that this younger child join the CSO home so he could continue at school and he started in July 2015. He is now in the 5th standard class at school and prays for a sponsor like the other children.



Joseph 2


When Joseph was 2½ years his father Yesu died. In February 2014 Lakshmi married another man, Ravi, who despite earlier promises to care for the children, sent them away to Narasayapalem, 350km from their home to stay with their maternal grandmother. Their grandmother is over 65 and unable to work. Some nights she went begging in order to feed her grandchildren. Neither child was attending school. Many times she asked the CSO Home to take one boy into the CSO home, so they decided to take younger one in July 2015. Joseph is studying 4th standard and he is very happy to go to school. He is a good boy, and impresses anyone new visiting the home with his words and good behaviour. He would dearly love a sponsor.