Clifford and Pat arrive in India:

Clifford and Pat arrived in Bapatla after a tiring flight to Hyderabad and a train journey to Bapatla. They received a fantastic welcome at the railway station.The platform was filled children from the CS Home for Boys, the PS Home for Girls, the familes from the FSP, Jagannadhapuram Church congregation and of course Pastor Gamaliel, Tabitha Glory, Shalem and Indira who were all there with banners and flowers to meet them.


welcome at Bapatla Railway station to Clifford and pat by CSHB&PSHG,FSP,J.puram church.

First full day of the visit:
9.00-11.30am (they are 5 ½ hours ahead of us) Clifford visits the new FSP families with Gamaliel, Shalem and members of SalGOERCO.

There will be more this afternoon - OAP between 3 &4pm. I did suggest to Gamliel that maybe Clifford as well as Pat should have more rest periods and he seems to have taken this on board!


FSP Family


Visiting New FSP Project. Back of their house


Visit to Elderly Men's Home

Clifford and Pat visit the elderly men, most aged over 80, who now live in the old Vedullapalle School building. When Gamaliel visited in October and asked what their obstacles were, they replied “sometimes NO FOOD.”

Kishore from Vedullapalli church is in charge of Home but Gamaliel tells us that he finds it very difficult to raise funds for this group. On this occasion money has been found and they can be seen enjoying a meal together.

Elderly men given meals


elderly men home at old school building


HIV/Aids families


Clifford and Pat's visit  the families with HIV/Aids. Their meeting started with praise and songs. Clifford chatted to the families with help of a translator and then food was distributed. Most of the support for these 25 families comes from SalGOERCO with SalGO assist contributing when we can. Stigma and discrimination can result in people living with HIV / AIDS being shunned by family and the community in India so this support is essential.

HIV families


Giving food items HIV Families 2

Meeting started with praising God,two women named subbamma,sarahmma are singing SONG EDit


In 1997 the young Pastor Gamaliel became concerned about children on the streets or at railway stations, begging. He opened a school in a rented house which soon reached nearly 50 pupils. But there were other children, some of them in unhealthy, low-lying areas subject to flooding the rainy season. He and his mother, Deevakarunamma, decided to take one of the rooms they were using as the school and take in 15 homeless children. It was hard to raise funds to feed them, but they persisted, until SalGO Assist began to find sponsors for the children. In 2002 the children moved into a new, purpose-built Home for 25 children. Many of those first residents, now with jobs and families of their own, will share this occasion with the present children in the two fine Homes that have replaced that little room where they ate and slept and played, and did their school homework for over three years. 16th January 1999 is the 20th Anniversary of the those first few children finding a new home.


original CSO children 2B&W

1 Yalamaiah, 2 Kondamma, 3 Ventatesh, 4 Polamma, 5 Venkateswarlu, 6 Pothuraju, 7 Polaiah, 8 Subbarao, 9 Nagaraju, 10 Bullimma, 11 P. Polamma, 12 Kotaiah, 13 Srinivasreddy, 14 Jhansi, 15 Subhani

We are a small charity with a big challenge - supporting work among the poor in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh (A.P.). with our Indian partners, SalGOERCO, maintain two orphanages, two schools, family and educational support, widows with children, and a small home for the elderly destitute. They also work with HIV/Aids families and landless communities.

Can you help?


Eight boys and girls entered the Children’s Homes in 2015 and nearly all now have a sponsor. Joseph and Kalyan, two of our youngest boys still need one and would love your support.

Could you be their sponsor?


Kalyan 2


Kaylan is very happy to staying in our Clifford Smith Home for boys. Many times he says "all the children are receiving letters, cards sometimes presents but I never received any......."  he prays for his own personal sponsor. 


Joseph 2


Joseph is a clever student who is very happy in Clifford Smith Home for boys. When the older children receive their letters and cards, Joseph asks the warden "when I receive letters from my sponsor. Please pray for new sponsors for who are in the waiting list for me".


Your support gives a child enough to eat, a safe place to live and an education, allowing them to grow and flourish in a safe environment and providing them with hope for the future.














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